Gene Therapy May be the Key to Defeating HIV

When the search for a cure continues without wavering, there would always be a breakthrough. This is also true for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV. Though it has been a frustrating challenge to Scientists for a good period of time now, respite seems to have arrived in the form of gene therapy. Scientists think gene therapy may be the key to defeating HIV for the following reasons:

1. GENE EDITING: The idea of gene editing came about as a result of a human body’s typical way of rejecting foreign cells. Scientists now went around it by obtaining T cells from the blood of HIV patients. Through the use of a term which they call a ‘gene editing technique’, they are able to remove the HIV genes from the infected cells. After doing this, the cells are then infused back into the body of the HIV patient it was drawn from. Being that the body recognizes the cell, it would not reject it like it would a foreign cell. Although this test has only been done in a laboratory dish, it is expected to be a success when administered as an injection into the human body.  Here is a closer look at that please.

2. MUTATED CCR5 GENES: The CCR5 gene is a protein found in the human body needed by HIV to be able to get into the immune system, otherwise known as the T cells. However, there are people who have both of their CCR5 genes mutated. In simple terms, their altered genes prevent them from getting infected by HIV. For those who have only one of their CCR5 gene mutated, the progress of their HIV infection to AIDS is rather slow. It was this discovery that led to the development of the HIV drug therapy over two decades ago which blocks CCR5. Today, it is no longer about CCR5 inspiring the development of the HIV drug therapy, it is the inspiration behind Gene Therapy.

3. ZINC FINGER NUCLEASES: There were enzymes used which made gene editing possible. It is worth noting that this is the first time a therapeutic use was made of gene editing and that Zinc Finger Nucleases was used as an enzyme. They serve the purpose of making the editing of genome possible through the creation of double strand breaks in a person’s DNA. These DNA-binding proteins are engineered to target specific locations in the DNA.

Gene therapy may be the key to defeating HIV because it makes use of the observation made on how a mutated CCR5 is immune to HIV. By using the Zinc Finger Nucleases as an enzyme during gene editing, scientists have been able to record a success in the laboratory dish. Hopefully, through the use of injection administration, the gene-edited cell from the body of a HIV patient would be accepted back into the body. This would help HIV patients drop the amount of HIV in their blood and possibly have their CCR5 genes mutated.

Aspirin Can Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer for Women

The most common cancer a woman can ever face in her lifetime is breast cancer. According to a research 850000 women in the United States suffer from this dreadful disease. It can happen to anyone at any age leaving terrible impact on the life style as well as it may cause to death. Despite the fact that this monster can be easily kept at bay, women may simply become the victim of this disease.


Prevention is better than cure” a well-known fact that we always ignore. Whether it is a heart attack diabetes or breast cancer, we can protect ourselves just by having a regular screening. It is the best defense to detect breast cancer at the initial stage and get the proactive treatment. Another important way is the regular intake of Aspirin- A pill that not only reduces risk of breast cancer but also decreases risk of heart attack.

Though Aspirin was known as a painkiller but the effects it has on the health are astonishing. The pill  is trusted and used by millions of women in the United States to reduce the risk heart disease and now of breast cancer. The regular user of the drug can elevate the life expectancy of the patients who are the final stages of the breast cancer.

Aspiring prevents inflammation – the most favorable condition for cancer to spread its cells. Inflammation provides a needed fuel for cancer cells to thrive throughout the breast. The regular intake of the Aspirin blocks the enzymes that may worse the inflammation as well as it helps lower the spread of disease.

Platelets are the best carrier for cancer to reach the breast tissue. The cells break off in to a tiny particles and carried out around the breast by platelets. Aspirin is the pill that reduces the stickiness in the platelet and prevents cells from being spread across the breast.

Low Dose Aspirin Regimen

The study reveals that the benefit is found more in women than men. The advantages of taking Aspirin are found more in women as it is a more common disease found in older women. The low dose of Aspirin at the initial stage of the breast cancer can benefit more even after the drug is stopped.

Till date, the number of studies have conducted on the benefits of the drug. It has been found that an intake of 500 mg/day reduces the risk of developing hereditary diseases. The reports revealed that the intake of the drug post diagnosis has increased the survival percentage to an incredible extent.

Since Aspirin was discovered, the drug has evolved as the most trusted pill among the patient suffering from the most terrifying disease. It has been playing the most important role in fighting both cancer and heart disease throughout the world. Whether it is a colon cancer, breast cancer, rectal cancer, prostrate cancer or esophageal cancer, Aspirin proved to be a most effective drug to fight cancer. It has been proved through studies that the intake of Aspirin can increase the life expectancy of both post or pre-diagnosed patients.